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Every time you save any information on blockchain a gas fee is paid.
This tool helps you figure out how much the contract owner or the end user has to pay, using real-time blockchain data.

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Ethereum ERC-721 (NFT)

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Artiffine ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token smart contract with mint and airdrop capabilities, including role-based access control.

Estimates calculated at gwei and the ETH price of $undefined and are updated every 60 seconds.
The exact gas fee depends on the specific methods included in your contract. Reach out to Artiffine to discuss your use-case.

What is gas?

In the blockchain world, 'gas' refers to the computational effort needed to conduct transactions or contracts. It acts as a fee, covering the processing power used by miners to validate your actions.

Gas prices fluctuate due to supply and demand factors. When network congestion is high, users are willing to pay more gas to prioritize their transactions, leading to higher gas prices. Conversely, during periods of lower activity, gas prices typically fall.

How to optimize?

1. Reduce gas used
Efficient gas usage on the blockchain relies on good coding practices and smart interfaces like ERC-721A, which may boost gas-efficiency for your particular use-case.

2. Reduce gas price
Submit transactions during less congested periods to reduce the fee you and your users have to pay.

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